We (customizer) make suitable auto parts products in accordance with the requirements of the Customized person and the wholesale motorcycle parts products can meet the requirements of the Customized person(When the customized person cannot accurately express the individual’s will, the customizer combines the personal situation of the customized person from a professional point of view, and proposes a constructive and customized solution for the customized person).

Also provide the necessary support for future expansion, providing a complete customized service.

When we receive the fixed order, we strictly follow the process.

1.After the Customized person and customizer communicates his ideas and designs in detail, he or she can express the customized plan in detail orally or in writing.

2.Research on industry and customer companies(Judging the trend of industry development and the strength of customer companies in the industry)

3.Determine the match between the customer and the company

4.Negotiating invitations (communicating key design and ideas)

5.Cooperation intention

6.Confidentiality agreement

7.Sales Contract

8.product development

9.Sample confirmed